Translation of Swiss File Knife announced

CtoJ announces the translation of the popular open-source tool Swiss File Knife.


C++ to C# generator announced

CtoJ announces the release of a C++ to C# generator in Q1 2008.


Technology article

One page teaser about the reasoning behind CtoJ


CtoJ's expertise is the automatic translation of legacy C++ code to generated Java code, allowing easy migration from one programming language to another.


The resulting code is - depending on the complexity used in the original coding - to a high degree syntactically correct and can be considered 90-95% "compilable". The remaining compile errors can be eliminated - depending on the source - with a relatively short review. Ordinary review times can mount up to be 90% of the work, which is no longer the case when using CtoJ.


Our solution is customizable per design. As every customer code is different and has different pitfalls, the tool can be extended with customer specific rules for the code generation.


If you want to learn more about the technical details, take a look at the How section.


For all further questions please visit our FAQ's.