Translation of Swiss File Knife announced

CtoJ announces the translation of the popular open-source tool Swiss File Knife.


C++ to C# generator announced

CtoJ announces the release of a C++ to C# generator in Q1 2008.


Technology article

One page teaser about the reasoning behind CtoJ

About us

The solution behind CtoJ was born at the beginning of 2007 in the course of a mission critical migration project. The expertise and knowledge gathered was the basis for CtoJ's highly sophisticated generation algorithms.


After successfully deploying the translated code, the team behind CtoJ decided to share this know-how and offer this as a service. That's when CtoJ was founded.


CtoJ's service generates "real" Java code from your legacy source language. This code can already be deployed to test your after-migration production environment. This allows our clients to focus completely on re-architecting their translated applications.


Here you can learn about the team behind CtoJ.