Translation of Swiss File Knife announced

CtoJ announces the translation of the popular open-source tool Swiss File Knife.


C++ to C# generator announced

CtoJ announces the release of a C++ to C# generator in Q1 2008.


Technology article

One page teaser about the reasoning behind CtoJ

FAQ - Target programming languages

What are possible target programming languages?

CtoJ was built to translate C++-code to Java, but the process and the generator framework allow us to implement translations to similar languages, as for example C#, too.


Which Operating Systems are supported?

As Java is platform independent, the generated code will be platform independent too.


What extensions or frameworks do you support?

CtoJ analyzes the source code and does not know any framework. If you use any framework, regardless if self implemented or not, the rulesets have to be adapted to generate Java code that works with a similar framework in Java. You can decide what framework should be used in the target code.


What happens to embedded code (like embedded SQL)?

By default, CtoJ's generator marks embedded code for review. This behaviour can be changed by implementing customer specific rules. In case of embedded SQL, this would allow us to map from this to your new database layer in the target language.


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